Makeup trends this year will see a major change ever since we went into the lockdown. Due to the fact that we have to wear face masks, these trends have been tweaked under the circumstances. Eyes are being given more importance considering that they are the only visible part of the face. Bold, expressive eye makeup with the use of different joyful colors and glitter has made all the beauty and makeup enthusiasts create impressive looks. Natural looks, stained lips, easy and fast make-up will be the trends for this year. We will also witness the 80’s coming back to us by creating nostalgic looks with the use of bright colors.

  1. Expressive Eyes

Expressive eyes

Eyes are the window to your soul. They express emotions in such a way that makes them the most beautiful feature of your body which is why they deserve to be decorated with colors and glitter. Eye makeup is a really important step while glamming up. The shades you choose defines not just the makeup but even you. There is a lot of scope to be creative with it. Drawing graphic lines with an eyeliner or kohl, putting sparkles and glitter under the eyes are a few ways to go about.

  1. Stained Lipsticks

Stained lipstick

As the new year arrived so has a new trend for lipsticks. Gone are the days when you would be putting bold, matte and heavy lipsticks all over your lips. Lip stains, sort of creating a gradient, are less likely to be transferred onto the face-mask or budge while eating or drinking. However, some might dry out your lips so it is essential to use an exfoliator before applying. 

  1. Technicolor Eyelids

Technicolor Eyelids

The comeback of 80’s culture is here, exhibited through make up with the use of bright colors like yellow, pink, blue, orange and purple in all kinds of texture- mattes, shimmer and glossy. The wide spectrum of colors brings a fresh change to the previous trends of natural tones and minimalist looks, drawing attention to the eyes while the rest of the face is covered with a mask.

  1. Colored Mascara

Though this trend created a momentum last year but since the world went into the lockdown, it didn’t receive the attention it deserved. So this year, we will see this trend again with more domination than before.

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  1. Natural Foundation

Natural Foundation

The era of having smooth, perfect skin is gone and imperfections are been given more importance. Natural foundation with the use of full-coverage matte foundations mixed with a little dewy one makes the face look natural and gives off a soft-matte look while showing freckles, moles and different tones on your face. The skin texture remains visible while the matte products control the oil. This allows the skin to look radiant without a shiny finish.

  1. Long Lashes

Eyes, once again will have all the attention this year with long and lifted lashes. The longer the better especially from the area they flutter. Long lashes will give a bold, classy look with minimum effort. This also contributes to the expressive eye trend with the use of colored mascara, the look can be fun while being super easy to create.

  1. Glossy Makeup

Glossy makeup

Since the time people have started to have a strict skincare regime, makeup look based on a clear skin that gives off a shine, is going to be a trend we all will love in 2021. A natural, minimal dewy look with a light blush and glossy peachy lipstick or lipgloss might just be a timeless look for those who do not like a full glam. Also called dolphin skin because of the smooth and shiny appearance of a dolphin will have a resurgence giving a fresh look to the applicant.

  1. Natural Brows

Natural brows

As the lockdown changed a lot of makeup regimes, eyebrows faced its repercussions as well. Not being able to trim and thread the brows for a really long time, bushy brows became a normal thing and because of that natural fuller brows will be a popular trend this year. The brow liberation has made us not worry about how well plucked and shaped they are.

  1. Bold Eyeliner

The classic bold eyeliner can never go out of style and especially now when everything is mostly about your eyes! Bold eyeliners bring together the whole look and compliments your outfit as well. Moreover, a colored eyeliner can make you stand out.

  1. Under-eye glitter

 Glitter as makeup can never go wrong. But now it’s time to experiment with it by applying it under the eyes. The reserve application gives a euphoric look and accentuates your eyes. The sparkle resembles that of a disco ball hanging in the middle of the dance floor of an 80’s club.

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For a lot of people doing makeup is like therapy. Creating looks or just doing daily makeup motivates them and so will the makeup trends for the year 2021, the uplifting colors will help uplift the moods and the natural looks will promote self-love. In hope of getting to go out, safely and with a face mask, these trends curated especially due to the ongoing pandemic will define the passion for makeup and beauty.

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