Beauty Course

When it comes to unconventional and offbeat careers, a course in Beauty always tops the chart. A course in Beauty from a good institute always pays. Most women love to look good and appealing on every day to day basis and for this they look for a well-trained beautician or an expert in the field. A beauty expert or a cosmetologist is educated and trained to do Hair, Skin, Nails and Beauty Jobs. It’s very interesting because your creativity along with your skills do the job, you have fun, have people looking gorgeous, and get paid for doing something you love.

Today career in Beauty gives you respect

Gone are the days when beauty was looked down upon as a career for housewives, girl students who are weak in studies or those who were unable to do anything else. Today, this profession commands respect and enjoys cult status, especially in the glamour world. Try flipping through any fashion or lifestyle magazine or watch any Bollywood movie or daily soaps, and you will realize how crucial is the role of a makeup expert, hairstylist or even skincare specialist in the glamour world. From fashion shows to beauty pageants, magazine cover shoots to wedding celebrations, and Bollywood to television small screen, the demand for hair, makeup and skin professionals is ever growing.


It is one career field that gives you the freedom to soar as far and high as you want. It gives you great flexibility of time and place. You can work as a freelancer and decide your timings. You can also work with any national or international brand and climb up the professional ladder, there is no dearth of opportunities. You can also explore the option to work in popular salons and spas also.

Less Investment and better returns

An entrepreneurial venture in Beauty field like starting your own salon from the comfort of your home does not require much investment and if you want to go big, take a franchise and become a successful entrepreneur. The flexibility of choice in terms of time, investment and scale of your business is something that perhaps no other profession offers. Another very good part of this profession is it never becomes monotonous. The creativity and close interaction with people will never let you feel bored. You can keep updating and growing your knowledge with new courses and technology to keep yourself update with the new trends.

Endless Opportunities

The profession of beauty is not just limited to makeup, skin care, and hair styling; Nail Art has also become one of the significant parts of this ever-expanding industry. The growth of exclusive and uber-cool Nail bars or salons have opened a slew of opportunities for creative minds. From Nail extensions to Nail Art, there is so much exciting to do in this field.

 Beauty Course

If you wish to make a career in beauty, make sure you enrol for courses at a leading and reputed institute to strengthen your foundation as a beauty professional with their in-depth course content and years of experience in teaching. The experienced professional faculty at these institutes imparts the best knowledge and make sure you learn all the trick of the trades. IWP is one such leading institute offering short-term certificate courses and a yearlong NSDC approved Diploma course. IWP under the aegis of KLGR Educational Society has a standing of more than 20 years offering skill focussed courses in Beauty Field and along with various other courses.

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