Education is an effective way to empower women and precisely for countries like India, where women have always been underestimated by the society in term of education and profession. The conventional notion of patriarchy binds women in household chores. Whether it is girl baby’s feticide or exploitation of married women over dowry, Indian society has never given the respect and rights that women deserved. However, these concerns are the vast topic of discussion; this article is for those brave women who provoke to live independent leaving all the criticisms behind. Below are six professional courses for Women that not just give them financial freedom but also bestow with respects and dignity in society.
Fashion Designing:

Positively, fashion designing opens both passion and finance vistas for women. It’s in nature that most of the Indian Women passionate about clothing and accessories. Fashion designers are responsible for developing new ideas and styles for clothing apparel and accessories, they also collaborate different traditions to come up with new style and innovation; for instance, the indo-western fashion is the collaboration of Indian and western way of clothing. When you talk about the career scope of a fashion designing student in India – it is the brightest field to pursue where the sky is the limit. The course offers employment as both freelancer or salaried. In this program, you will learn about textiles, fabrics, silk and way to use Computer-aided design (CAD) technology.

Interior Designing:

If people always appreciate your interior designing taste, and you love decorating furniture and rooms, then welcome interior designing as your profession. Like fashion designing, interior designing is also an emerging field to pursue a career. You can apply for the interior designing course after 12th. Further, you may specialize in many sub-divisions of interior designing such as residential (houses, apartments, and other domestic accommodation), workplaces (office, shops, factories and other commercial places), exhibition designing (fairs, museums, galleries and others), hospitalities (hospitals, restaurants, hotels and others), and even many others.


Cosmetologist treats hair and skin and enhances its charms and beauty. It’s a science and art to make people beautiful. If you choose a career in cosmetology, you have to deal with cosmetics chemicals, organic cosmetics, both natural and artificial (wigs) hair and fashion trends. You also work on relaxing techniques such as aromatherapies. Usually, a cosmetologist deals with pimples, acne, wrinkles, dark spot and other skin problems. But you should not confuse with dermatologist and cosmetologist, a dermatologist deals with skin diseases and he/she is a medical practitioner who learns medical science to deals with critical diseases. You can apply for diploma or honors after your 12th standard. The scope for cosmetology students is pretty bright.

Fine Arts:

An artist is the one who replicates society. If your life has similar motive then join fine arts to demonstrate your perception about this world. Only those can survive in the career that breathes art and passionately involve in creating something innovative. Lady, you can learn fine art and establish your career as an artist. Contrary to the conventional myth that an artist is appreciated only for their art and suffers for financial security; now the museums and different exhibition and other cultural programs, have opened secured financial opportunity for fine arts students. There is also a bright scope in teaching, you can join as a lecturer in University or open your own institution to teach fine arts.

Marketing & Management:

Here comes a perfect job for extroverts. Do you enjoy being social? If you like to communicate with people and you have a long list of friends then why going elsewhere to find a career for you. As you like taking and communicating with people including strangers and have leader quality, then go for Public Relation (PR), Human Resource Management (HMR) and others related field. After plus two, you can apply for a diploma in management and marketing.


Stenography is the best way to get financial independence. There is a great demand of stenographers in governments and private organization. Currently, stenographers are employed in almost all major ministries and other government organizations. Stenographers are also employed in justice courts. Shorthand is a symbolic writing method that increases brevity hence the speed of writing; it is best and fastest way to record speakers’ voice into the paper. You can apply for stenography after 12th.

Indian Women Polytechnic is established for same notion: empower women. Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified institution; IWP is educating women across India.

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  1. Aniket Vichare Reply

    Women make up half of our population and as such it can be very hard for an economy to progress if they don’t contribute towards economical growth. I agree that most woman are bounded patriarchal nations present in the society. Really liked reading your blog, looking forward to more!

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