The Art of Fashion –

Fashion is a form of self-expression that acts as a mirror to the mind-set of the society. Even though fashion industries, all over, are only predicting who or what we want to appear as, it is actually about our own perception of ourselves.

Fashion includes evolution in clothing, accessories, footwear, makeup and hairstyles, body postures and gestures, in accordance to times. It is your form of creativity, expressivity, captivity, objectivity and selectivity. The Art of Fashion is like storytelling.

The rainbow world of fashion is quite literally a paradise to those with a visual consciousness.

Why Make Shopping Lists –

Now you’ll ask why it is important to plan your shopping and how you can be less likely to succumb to last-minute purchases or avoid giving in to your temptations.

With an influx of products in the market, you tend to purchase items that you don’t require and, thus, sticking to your intended target can be arduous.

A part from sorting stuff out and saving money, time and your energy, a list may very well act like your mother who keeps your spending in check.

If all of this wasn’t enough already, making a shopping list can give you a feeling of being in control of things which, in turn, triggers the release of a feel-good chemical called ‘Dopamine’. So while you shop and spend all that money you saved up, you at least won’t feel bad about it. Win-win, yeah?

Choosing Fashion, Choosing Trends –

Fashion is for you what you like to wear and what gives you confidence. What crazy trends do you give in to and spend on? Rule number one to finding out trends that work for you is finding out those that don’t. Exploring is the first step to discovering your personal taste.

Try whatever crazy outfits you see in fashion shows or the movies.Now that you’re done fantasizing yourself as Kylie Jenner with your own cosmetics store, let’s get back to work.

You’ve sorted all those clothes into two piles – those that aren’t your style and those that are be it classic or glamorous, chic or elegant.

Your wardrobe should be stocked with items that conform to your lifestyle and seamlessly fit into your closet with your old clothes. You can keep the following aspects in mind when you go shopping and get a good penny-worth.

Save the Dates! –

The first thing to keep in mind while you go shopping is to save the dates of upcoming discounts, sales, combo offers here and there. There is never any harm in reaping the benefits of discounts in festive seasons.

Good thing we live in India, eh? You, most likely, will be able to find the majority of items on your list – if not all – and you’ll only be buying more for less.

Sales are a great time for cautious shopaholics because, really, nobody is going to want to damage their pockets. One good thing that comes out of spending money during sales is gift-shopping. Now go get your colleague that scarf you wanted to gift her.

Set a Shopping Budget –

While you can loosen your pockets in more confidence during the sale seasons, don’t forget to hold yourself back from spending as if there is no tomorrow.

If you don’t keep a track of how much you can spend, you may just be repaying your dues and having to miss out on those movie nights you planned – which is just sad, by the way.

What is required is making a budget and sticking to it. Maintaining an account of all your expenses facilitates you to economize your wallets. A paying deal for a shop-keeper does not necessarily mean it is lucrative for you, as a buyer, too.

E-commerce firms expect profits in huge figures during their ‘bonanza’ sales. It is important to know how much of your savings you should be spending while you go shopping. I mean, nobody likes paying off unnecessary debt, correct?

Keep a Wish List –

It is a very common practice for shopaholics to have a plan in place and a list of items they want to add to their wardrobe. Keeping a Wish List like on Pinterest, Amazon, Nykaa or individual stores’ websites allow you to create a personalized collection of products.

Which you can then use for making future references when you’re out on a shopping spree.

Wish Lists save your interests in varied products and styles without you intending to buy them at the earliest. Wish Lists are extremely convenient to get back to at a later time when you’re pulling pages and more pages of shopping lists.

They are indeed, practical and mindful when you need to shop lavishly for major events such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, festivals etc.

Create a Mood Board –

This board embodies all the creative information – the visual ideas and the concepts – including the initial raw ideas and the last closing draft. A Mood Board is a planned arrangement of images, written material, colourful decorations, and designs etc.

You’ll probably wonder why you should be making a Mood Board.Your creative process in building up to the finish line expresses your vision around your own story.

Mood Boards can assist you as a visual communication tool so you can represent and put together the contents of your own fashion.

Collect images and start playing with them on your Board. Consider meddling around with the placements of these photos to get more blends and fusions; make a cocktail out of it.

When all these pictures are composed in one place, your thoughts and emotions produce a fashion style and choice unique only to you. These Boards have one or the other thing in common – something that ties it all together – be it one specific colour, pattern or a feeling.

Keep in mind your thoughts, your liking, your vacations, your home, your dreams.As a result, you will grace yourself with the styles that you come up with when you think of these. Making your first few Mood Boards can feel like a tedious task – it may even be messy.

But, you’ll also learn on the way and they’ll start coming out to be extremely impressive. However the way it turns out in the end – be it chaotic and sloppy, or glorious and dramatic – it doesn’t matter as long as it tells your fashion story and yours only.

Go Window Shopping –

As the name suggests, it is literally looking into stores just for leisure and with no intent to buy any item. Window shopping provides you with more inspiration.

So when you lay your eyes on something that you think you want to see in your collection, you simply find a similar – more affordable and more your style – piece and add it to your wish list.

Window Shopping also assists you in exploring new styles to add to and display on your Mood Board. Doing this will help you diversify your closet and grace your Board.

A side from the practical touch that window shopping can grace you with while building your wardrobe, it is also said to be Retail Therapy in action.

You will instantly notice a shift in your mood – from worried or just plain sad to one of bliss or gaiety. It works even when you are merely out Window Shopping.

Bring Your Second Opinions With You –

A fun shopping day involves selfies, food, casual talks and a couple of jokes (a couple thousand, I mean). Like we even needed to tell you this – you should take a friend to go shopping with you. You could probably even use shopping as your bonding time.

At some point, you’re bound to find yourself stuck with three dresses in hand, trying to figure out which one to take home and not whine about settling for the wrong one.

To avoid picking up the wrong item off the shelf, bring a friend or two with you. Getting second opinions matters, especially when you tend to overspend or make terrible choices.

Quality Assurance –

Now that you have everything in place and you’ve shortlisted all the items on your checklist, there’s only one more checklist you need to make a reference to. An effective Quality Control (QC) checklist can help you accomplish a high quality wardrobe.

A QC embodies all your products’ specifications, packaging, colour, barcodes, appearance, functions and special instructions/requirements, if any.

It is crucial for importers to tailor a guide that is distinctive to their unique needs. Having an understanding and staying in consciousness about product restrictions helps you make a decision about whether the quality meets your expectations.

Effective shopping is incomplete without the buyer having the requisite knowledge.

Return Policy –

Finally, you follow all the rules to an efficacious shopping all while striking luxurious deals and staying on budget. Yet you, somehow, end up buying a wrong or defective product what do you do now?

To steer clear of situations like these, you should always enquire about a specific shop’s return or exchange policies. Keeping awareness of a buyer’s rights can, indeed, get you places.

Conclusion –

Unequivocally, it can also assist you in buying affordable fashion products if you show interest in studying the art of Fashion yourself.

Pursuing a professional diploma or degree course in Fashion Design equips your creative mind with a cognizance of design and for you to have an eye for aesthetics. Feel prepped up enough to put together a shopping list yet?



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