Interior design trends that will rule in 2021

2021 is a very happening year in terms of the dramatic changes taking place in the Interior Designing industry as a range of dynamic designs will be very popular this year, which includes the following:

● Naturalist Theme (Biophilic Designing)
● Lively-Vibed (Neotenic Designing)
● Industrialist Themed
● Minimalist Themed
● Scandinavian Interior Designing

The Interior Designing themes will be heavily centered around the following themes:

● Mental Health– It has been one of the most discussed things throughout the year because Mental Health of a person determines his/her Fitness, Quality of Life and Energy Levels of a person. As a result, Biophilic Design and Neotenic Design are going to be some of the most popular Interior Designs in the year 2021.

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● Work From Home Oriented- The outbreak of Covid-19 has led to emergence of Work From Home Culture at a large scale, which as opposed to pre-covid world was considered a privilege. Now since people are compelled to be working from home as a result the Industrialist Theme & Minimalistic Theme are gaining more popularity. It can be a good way of effectively utilizing your resources.
● Scandinavian Theme is one of the most fundamental Interior Designs that is used both in Home Designing & Office Designing. It is known for its affordability, minimalism and the exotic look it offers due to use of muted colored furniture, neutral color palettes and wooden flooring.


Naturalist Theme (Biophilic Designing)

Naturalist Theme is one of the major Interior Designing trends in 2021. It is because, since the last century, there has been an exponential growth in urbanization. As a result of it, our bonding with Mother Nature is not as frequent and fruitful as it should be. The solution to this problem of lack of bonding is provided by the naturalist theme.
This designing theme is best suited for meditation. Since more prevalent colors like Blue and Green are some of the most soothing colors, which helps in reducing stress, eventually becoming a stress buster.

● Biophilic Designing is an Interior Designing technique that gives the place a natural environmental look as it consists of two things : (i) Inclusion of natural elements like Plants, Stones, etc.
(ii) Mimicking the natural look by designing the interiors ( walls, ceilings, etc.), designing the furniture ( tables, chairs, beds, etc.) which consists of the natural fabric.

● Inclusion of Natural Elements: Adding natural things that have that natural touch or are from the organic roots help in giving your home the warmth of nature. It helps in making your place as soothing as a natural ecosystem, which ends up making the place more welcoming to you. ‘Inclusion of Natural elements (like Plants, Stones, Fishes, Animals) is a technique that can be used to give the place a natural ecosystem-like vibe.

● Mimicking Natural Designs on the Interiors & Furniture is another technique that gives the place a nature-kissed look. It includes Interiors ( rooms’ walls, ceilings, roofs, etc.) which are painted in the intense warm welcoming colors of nature ( blue, greens, yellows, etc.). It also includes furniture (tables, chairs, cupboards, & closets, etc.) which use natural fabric over synthetic fabrics. Natural Fabric is becoming more popular than Synthetic Fabric.


Lively-Vibed (Neotenic Designing)

The Lively-Vibed theme is an emerging trend in Interior Designing as it offers elegant, lively designing which is very much attractive. This concept is applied in designing furniture and is often referred to as “neotenic designing”, which is derived from the neoteny which is an art of exaggerated childlike features. It is an appropriate concept that manifests a playful theme to the interiors, which transforms the interior into a fun zone.
This theme is based on the popularisation of concepts like YOLO ( You Only Live Once) & FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Neoteny is very much preferred by Gen.Z (Generation Z). Since we find curves and colors to be attractive, a combination of both of the Curves and Colours will be eye-pleasing as well as energetic for us. As a result, the place seems to be more lively and more happening.

● Chubby Curvy Design: Curvy, chubby designing of Furniture, including Chairs, Coffee tables, couches, lamps have shown us their curviness, by using circular designing to give us a modern look.
● Arches: Arches have been a part of the designing of interiors of places that are significant, which included administrative political places (like Forts & Palaces), religious places (like Temples, Mosques, Churches). Since we find symmetrical curves to be eye-pleasing, we appreciate them and these designs are being brought into use in Interior Designing more than ever.
● Colorful Bathrooms: Like the other parts of the buildings are embracing new, non-traditional color schemes that we find eye-pleasing , bathrooms have embraced more vibrant, more welcoming colors like Red, Green and Yellow and Blue. Now the Bathrooms need not be white anymore!


Industrialist Themed

Industrialist theme is an aesthetic Interior Designing Theme that is inspired by Industries & Factories. It aims at giving the place a professional look, making the environment work-oriented. It involves walls painted with neutral colors (like white, cream) while using furniture with muted colors. Hence, it is gaining popularity among students and professionals.

● Mini Study Nooks: Due to the spread of Covid-19 & Lockdown as a Containment Measure, Work From Home has gained more prominence than ever. As a result, workplaces have become less formal and can coexist with other living areas. It has led to the emergence of study nooks in the larger furniture pieces such as closets, bookshelves, etc. It makes efficient use of the space and all the accessories.
● Open & Fluid Living Areas: Living rooms are an integral part of a home. It gives life to the whole house as it offers a strong lively vibe to both the homeowner and his guests. A trend that is likely to rise in the next decade is Open & Fluid Living Areas. It is because we like a highly conducive environment. As a result, Open & Fluid Living Areas will gain more prominence in the future. Ideas such as incorporating curtains and using Mobile panels are gaining popularity.


Minimalist Themed

● Minimalistic Look: This look is gaining more popularity day by day because this look is not very much in demand. It is one of the best Interior Designing techniques for people who are looking to be cost-efficient while being fashionable. This look is best suited for students, start-ups, office cabins, and cubicles.
● Terrazzo (Not Just Restricted to Flooring) only: Terrazzo is a typical marble flooring that was first used in Venetian houses over 500 years ago. It was reintroduced in Interior Designing in the 1970s. It started gaining some popularity in 2019. The terrazzo we see these days is a composite mixture of granite, glass, marble, and quartz. It offers a graphic look while being cost-effective.
● Stairs integrated with furniture: It is one of the most efficient as well as creative ways of using up space effectively. It creatively uses the unused space under the stairs. It is often done by adding storage space or by integrating the steps into a larger furniture design such as a working area or shelves.


Scandinavian Interior Designing

Scandinavian Interior Designing is one of the most famous Interior Designs for homes and workplaces. It emerged in the early 20th century but started flourishing in the Scandinavian Countries (which includes Sweden, Norway, Denmark) in the 1930s. It is one of the most famous Interior Designs preferred in the US, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Norway as it offers a very warm & cozy look.

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A major distinctive feature of Scandinavian Interior Designing is that it involves a higher number of windows than other Interior Designing themes. As a result, it offers better, well-rounded ventilation, offering more light and fresh air than other Interior Designing themes.
It is gaining popularity because it offers a modern look while being quite affordable. It uses simplistic modern furniture with muted colors that blend well in the overall environment along with wooden flooring, neutral color palettes (White, Creamy Colors), making it eye-pleasing and contrasty.


Q: What Interior Designing Trends will rule in 2021?
A: Biophilic Design, Neotenic Design, Industrialist Design, Minimalistic Designing, Scandinavian Designing are some of the major trending Interior Designs that will rule in 2021.

Q: How to give your place a Natural Look?
A: Naturalist Theme (Biophilic Designing), which is one of the major Interior Designing involves giving the place a natural look, by using natural elements like (Plants, Stones, etc.) or by mimicking natural designing into interiors (walls, ceilings,etc.) or by using natural fabric in furniture.

Q: What are the major components in Neoteny?
A: Neoteny is an Interior Designing that exaggerates childlike features by playing with dynamic colors, arches, and curvy furniture.

Q: How to achieve a professional look for my place?
A: Industrialist Themed Designing is one of the best-suited Interior Designs that offer an aesthetic and a highly professional look. Adding Study Nooks, consisting of Desks, related accessories, along with tablets & laptops is one of the ways which can give your place a professional look.
Another thing that can also be done to give your place a Professional Look is by creating Open & Fluid Living Rooms, making it highly conducive, it would be best suited for someone who is doing Work From Home

Q: What is the Core of the Minimalist Designing?
A: The core of the minimalist design is to maximize utility of the place while using lesser space and lesser resources. It is one of the most preferred Interior Designs these days due to the fine looks that are achieved at a cost of relatively lesser time, effort and cash.

Q: What is Scandinavian Designing?
A: Scandinavian Designing is an Interior Designing Technique that originated in Scandinavian Countries (Sweden , Denmark, Norway) but gained popularity in US, Canada due to similar weather conditions and similar purchasing power.

Q: Why is Scandinavian Design becoming more popular day by day?
A: Scandinavian Design is gaining popularity day by day because of the fact that it offers a highly elegant look at an affordable price, as compared to other Interior Designing Techniques.


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