All about Career in Interior Designing.

A bunch of walls becomes a home because of the people who live in it; however, a designer makes it feel and looks like a home.

There was a time when being a designer was a dream of many, and certainly, the scope in designing hasn’t failed anyone with that dream. That dream has now turned into reality, which makes all your future dreams come true. Interior Designing has become one of the most demanded courses in India, and one of the highest paying professions as well.
Who gets to literary give life to their vision and imagination, right?

So, what exactly is Interior Designing?

It is a study of art and design. The difference between fashion designers and Interior Designers is that Interior designers design homes and buildings to beautify them, make them feel warm, cozy, and comfortable while keeping it practical, proper utilization of space & light, and within the client’s budget. While in Fashion Designers focus on clothes and fabrics, embroidery, cut & fit suitable for people. You can say that Fashion Designers work & designs for humans and are responsible for making trends, whereas, Interior Designers designs things for building and furniture.

Both should have exceptional knowledge of fabrics, aesthetics, and not to mention-a futuristic vision.

An interior designer is involved in the entire process of a building, from the first day to blueprints, to construction, to execution of concepts and themes, to final touches; the interior designer makes sure that everything goes exactly like his/her client’s requirements and satisfaction.

Let’s discuss a few points which are there in your mind to give you a clear picture of this profession.

If you have a creative bend of mind, eye for aesthetics, and great drawing & sketching skills, then this might be your raft in between the ocean of professions for you. Designing might be the only profession that gives you freedom of thought; it is asked of you to think out of the ordinary and come out with something new & innovative. These are some must-have skills; you initially need to get your career started.

In the design industry, it is somewhat necessary for you to have in this field. It will not only add and shape your talent & potential but also plays a vital role in building up your image. You may pursue this profession after completing your 10+2. It depends on you whether you want to do graduation in Designing or if you want to do a diploma course. Being one of the most popular courses, some prestigious colleges conduct an amplitude & design exam to admit the most deserving candidates.

There are some renowned institutes offering Interior Designing Course in the country and IWP is one among them. Depending on the institute and what you choose to do, the fees of this course will be between 60 thousand to 3 lacs per annum.

There are a few things that you need to be mindful while you are pursuing this course-

  • Every field requires some experience before you begin to run things yourself. Hence, doing internshipswhile studying this course under a designer or a brand will add tons to your experience card and will also give you a chance to build your network in this field.
  • Internships will give you the essence of the corporate world. You will learn how to make connections and build a valuable network that will help you throughout your career.
  • Another major thing to remember is to keep a record of all your work. Whether you have designed something for a college project or did it on your own, building a portfolio plays an important role when you go look for a job or when you start your own business.
  • Enhance your communication skills as unless and until you can convey your ideas and also understand your client’s need -correctly, it will not matter how good your designs are.

In developed countries and metropolitan cities, there is not a huge place for construction neither everyone has that sort of money, which contributes to the demand of designers to make the maximum utilization of the space in hand while keeping it practical, making this profession highly promising. People want their place to look like their reflection which will scream their name. Irrespective of how huge or small the area is, they hire designers to make their place more spacious, play with all the natural resources, and infuse their signature to it.

So one thing is certain, the demand will keep on increasing for these professionals in this field.

Just like Lawyers, experienced Interior Designers hold much more value and demand than a fresher for obvious reasons. That is why internships are so important. The salary of a new interior designer will be around 10k-30k per project. While for an experienced candidate, the starting salary can be 70k to liters of water in the ocean (millions).

Some major perks that this profession offers you are-

  • You don’t need a huge investment to start your own business.
  • Work on your terms.
  • Able to let your creativity flow and enjoy the freedom of thought.
  • If you are good at it, no one will say no to you.
  • Make your name and build your empire, eventually introducing you to fame and the highest peak of success.

Skills that you need to have to be brilliant at what you are-

  • Knowledge of fabrics and materials.
  • Patient, communication skills, and self-motivated.
  • A good listener and sensitive about the client’s emotions attached to the project.
  • Team-spirit and leadership qualities.
  • Work under tight deadlines.
  • Not afraid of rejection and strong-headed.

Keep this in mind; you are designing someone’s home, office, etc. Think, visualize, and execute it with care and honesty; just like a mother raises her child, you are raising an emotion from a building.

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