Career Scope in Digital Marketing in 2022

What is Digital Marketing?

To explain in simple terms, digital marketing refers to marketing and advertising done through digital channels such as search engines, websites, emails, mobile applications and social media. This online method of marketing is different from the offline one, with different strategies, copies, creatives and much more. Companies and brands use digital marketing to endorse goods, services and even themselves.

Digital Marketing has made the process of advertising much more efficient and convenient for the companies and has made it easier for the consumers to search for a product. Modern day digital marketing is huge. There are numerous channels for the marketers to use. Due to this, the scope is high as well. The Internet is used almost by everyone, from all around the globe. Someone sitting in one part of the world can access information about the other part. A company in the US can sell a product to a person in India.

A few basic elements are used by digital marketers which are: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Content Creation, Campaign Marketing, Social Media Marketing and E-Commerce Marketing. It not just helps in promotion of a product or service but can also help in brand awareness, creating a brand image and identity.

As the new mode of advertisement came, so did a number of companies who do that job. But there is a lot to learn before you can work in this new field and for that there are courses that teach people just that.

Digital Marketing Course

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In India, the potential of digital marketing has skyrocketed. Many people are interested in this field and want to excel it in. In order to do that, courses have been constructed specifically for that. A course in digital marketing can help you get the necessary knowledge and attitude required to work in a firm or an agency. It can help you in enhancing skills to prepare you for the future. When it comes to selecting a course, you have to choose from the best option, depending on the institute, syllabus, location, fee and qualification.

Diploma Programme:

A diploma course in digital marketing is a one year programme that covers all the major aspects required.

Higher Diploma Programme:

A high diploma course is a two year programme which teaches about the field in a little more detail

Degree Programme:

There are no specific degree programmes just for digital marketing. Some bachelors degrees in Journalism or/and Mass Communication (BA(JMC) or a Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) includes digital marketing as a part of the course. These courses are usually for three years.


Again, there is no specific masters programme for digital marketing but a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) includes it in the part of its course. An MBA is usually a two years course.

Eligibility Criteria

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One important thing to know while applying for any course, is the eligibility criteria. Different institutes and universities have different criteria. You need to check the eligibility according to your need .

Some will only require you to have a minimum qualification of graduating high school i.e. 10+2. Other institutes require you to take an entrance test. While applying for a mastersprogramme, you would need to have to be a graduate i.e. having cleared 10+2+3.

Skills Required

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  1. Copywriting
  2. SEO
  3. Know how to use email
  4. Content creation
  5. Data analysing
  6. Design thinking
  7. Understand the market
  8. Knowledge of social media
  9. Knowledge of the devices used
  10. Persuasiveness
  11. Problem solving
  12. Critical thinking
  13. Team working
  14. Ability to research

Scope in Digital Marketing

Since the advent of the internet, many fields and industries have grown. New jobs have been created and marketing has expanded to the digital platforms. And because of this new field, the scope in digital marketing is pretty high. There are a lot of pre-existing agencies and start ups that cater to the need of the companies for digital marketing. They are continuously hiring new professionals with different skill sets.

Career opportunities in digital marketing are:

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  1. Digital Marketing Firms
  2. Advertising Agency
  3. Market Research Companies
  4. Creative Executives/Managers
  5. Public Relation Firms
  6. Media Planners
  7. Marketing Firms
  8. Multinational Companies
  9. Brand Managers
  10. Counsellors
  11. Customer Care Executive
  12. HRD Executive
  13. SEO Firms

There is a lot of scope to work as a digital marketer. Countless people are forming new agencies and running towards this domain. It is a highly creative and technical field that requires you to have new ideas and be tech savvy. The demand for people to work at these places will always be there as long as the era of the internet prevails.

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Even in our country the career opportunities are high. It is a very interesting job with a lot to learn. Almost all skill based and Communication schools have digital marketing as a part of their courses. If you are someone who likes to create interesting advertisements and campaigns, pursuing a course in digital marketing is a ladder to success.

Q. Is Digital Marketing different from Marketing?

Yes it is, the basics of marketing remain the same, but a course and a career in digital marketing focuses on digital platforms such as websites, emails and social media.

How important is a diploma/degree in Digital Marketing?

A diploma/degree can help you have more job offers and can help you polish your skills while adding more to the list.

What channels are used for Digital Marketing?

Search engines like Google, social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, Blogs, Micro-blogs, online ads, emails and mobile applications.

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