‘Stenography’ is a combination of two Greek words: ‘Steno’ (which means narrowed or compressed) & ‘Graphics’ (which means written text or drawing). So, when both are put down together, we get ‘compressed text’, which is the literal meaning of Stenography.

Stenography is a symbolic text writing by using symbols & abbreviations, which increases the writing speed, as compared to the normal full-fledged texts, which is more of mainstream common writing practice. Most of the people think that Stenography is just limited to writing format only, which is just a misconception. Stenography as a profession involves writing work as well as typing work.

Due to the use of symbols & abbreviations, it is often referred to as Shorthand among masses. Due to high-speed writing, which is primarily due to the use of symbols & abbreviations, it is also known as Speed-Writing.

Traditionally, it was used for thousands of years, when the officials of different state kingships used to converse at ease by the means of Stenography.

But it started gaining more relevance in the last century, due to the emergence of new nations, media house giants, etc. on a global level. But in India, it started gaining more relevance since the decade of 90s, due to the implementation of Liberalisation, Privatisation&Globalisation, which empowered the foundation of the corporate sector by encouraging local entrepreneurs, international investors, etc. Before it, the Government & Print Media were the main employers of the Stenographers.


Both the public sector employers & private sector employers employ a good number of people for Stenographers’ job profile. Since, it is a non-mainstream art, which is mastered by very few people. Hence, the chances of placement are very high. Due to the involvement of both the Corporate Sector & the Public sector employers, there are certain variations in the job profile of Stenography, but for most of the part, their work remains the same.

Some general, common functioning areas of the Stenographers’ job profile are as follows:    

Transcribing Speeches & Policies to texts: You as the Stenographer are responsible for taking shorthand Notes of the public speeches & company policies. After that, you have to transcribe those notes on a Computer. Then onwards, these are made public by publishing them in mass media, by using magazines

Press Conference Briefing: Since press conferences happen every day, you as a Stenographer have a vital role in how the interview sessions’ conclusion reaches out to the public, as you are acting as a conversation recorder.

Note-Making: A major part of Stenographers’ job profile is note-making daily. You have to do the note-making on behalf of the authorities. Because of your active involvement, you help the Public Relations Department as the Public Relations Development takes place smoothly as a result of your active involvement.

Stenography: Spheres of Employment:


Due to numerous interactions (be it Private Meetings, Public address, Press Conferences) among firms & governmental authorities, both the Governmental Authorities & the Corporate Sector employ stenographers in a good number. And since it is highly underrated among the masses, the scope of getting employed remains significantly higher. Shorthand/Stenography is one of the rarest skill sets, which paves way for the student to enter both the Corporate Sector as well as Public Sector, which increases the scope of Employment & the exposure of the student, which ensures Job Security, Professional Growth & personality Development.

Some common spheres where Stenographers get employed being Stenography Course Diploma include the following:

  • Offices in Public Sector & Corporate Sector
  • Banks
  • Companies
  • Law firms
  • Media Houses
  • Schools/Colleges/Institutes


In the near future, Stenography is expected to grow at a pace which is going to be very fast. It is because of the increasing significance of Media Houses, Corporate Firms, Private Firms, which started gaining more and  more prominence since the last 2 decades. Before which it was just small firms & Government sectors who used to be the major employers for Stenographers.


To learn Stenography Courses, some aspirants prefer self-learning by learning it at home only. But the aspirant student should join a reputed institute like IWP Academy. As they have a good reputation and a good track record of placements, along with good reviews. You should join a reputed institute because of the following reasons:

  • Well-structured courses: The Steno course in reputed institutes like IWP Academy is structured in such a manner that they make it easier for the student to grasp the concept & how to implement them. The self-monitored study of course takes time, effort, and a good chunk of research on how to design the structure of the course. The Steno courses in reputed institutes save you all the time and energy.
  • Cost-efficient & Time-efficient: The advantage of learning Stenography Course at a reputed institute is that the experienced Faculty designs the structure of the course in a student-friendly manner, making it more cost-effective & time-efficient than the student doing it all alone. At a glance, self-monitored learning might seem like a better option which is free, but the thing which isn’t taken into account is that these structured courses are conducted in such a way that they save the students’ time & efforts and may ensure him/her a placement earlier due to in-campus placement opportunities. It might end up saving your time in terms of months or even years.
  • Computer Applications: Reputed Institutes focus on the long-term Skill-Development & Professional-Growth of their student, as they focus on adopting a more-inclusive approach for Skill-Development by giving them training in Computer Applications- like MS-Word, MS-Office, etc, which are to be frequently used by them while in office. This would make Stenography an easy task for the people who don’t know very much about computers.
  • Professional Environment: Since the environment, we spend our time in has a significant impact on how our personality is shaped. Reputed Institutes like IWP Academy offers a highly professional environment. In-class training, as well as Meet & Greet Events with employers and practical demonstrations, help the student in a great way. Plus IWP Academy offers a Personality Development Course too, which makes sure that your Personality Development takes place along with studies.
  • Placement: Since reputed institutions offer Campus Placement opportunities to their students, their students have an upper-hand as they have been monitored by their respective faculty. As a result, students’ skill-development takes place along with proficiency in their dedicated fields. Since the employers demand candidates who are holding Diplomas in Stenography Courses, which assures them that the candidates are skilled, professional & well-groomed. It is taken care of by the reputed institutes. Our placement cell constantly works on to get you employed by the best brands we all come across.


“How Long Does It Take to Learn Stenography?” – is one of the most asked questions which is answered very vaguely by a generalization of people, due to lack of proper knowledge or perspective. Since we all have different grasping power, we learn at our differing pace, but it is safe to say that because of your exposure to a new form of script, the numerous symbols & abbreviations involved, you can learn the basics in 4-6 months depending upon your grasping power. But, it takes another 6-months time period to master the speed of 80 w.p.m because of your exposure to different forms of documents, speeches, newspapers, etc., which is the basic requirement of employers (be it the Public Sector or Corporate Sector).


To learn Stenography Course faster, you need to do the following things to gain proficiency in Stenography:

Do journaling: Journaling helps you in pinpointing both your Strengths & Weaknesses, which helps you in analyzing the upcoming Opportunities due to Strengths as well as Potential Threats due to your Weaknesses and you can adapt easily.

  • Read More: The more you read, the more rich your vocabulary is, which makes sure that you have command over more diverse forms of words, the symbols & abbreviations that are used to represent these words. A strong vocabulary makes sure that there is little to no scope of error while writing or typing the dictations. As one word gets misinterpreted or misspelled, it loses its meaning, and the whole sentence loses its relevance too.
  • Increase the Quantity: By increasing the Quantity we mean that you should increase your practice of the speeches, the current affairs, which helps you maintain a pace of 80.
  • Do Journaling: Journaling helps you in pinpointing both your Strengths & Weaknesses, which helps you in analyzing the upcoming Opportunities due to Strengths as well as Potential Threats due to your Weaknesses and you can adapt easily.

What is Stenography? What is its History?

Stenography in simple terms means Compressed Text.

What does a Stenographer do?

Stenographer records the relevant information, which is of high-priority by using shorthand.

Where am I likely to get employed after doing a Stenography Course?

Corporations, Government employers, Banks, Law Firms are some of the major employers of Stenographers.

How Long Does it Take To Learn Stenography?

To learn the basics it takes 4-6 months, depending upon your grasping ability.

How To Learn Stenography Faster?

To learn Stenography Faster it is advisable that you read more, practice more, and do journaling of your progress.

What is the Future Of Stenography?

It is expected to flourish as there will be spike in demand and employment for Stenography due to the increasing emergence of Media Houses, Corporate Giants, etc.

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